Photo: Adam Shalzi

Photo: Adam Shalzi


Dave is writing a book about his coma and the experience of reading his own eulogies. It is based on a 10-part series of articles called “The Month I Died.”

Part 1: Falling Asleep at Parties

Part 2: Why I Had to Hit Rock Bottom

Part 3: Reading My Own Eulogies

Part 4: Waking Up in a New Body

Part 5: “Mother” Is a Verb

Part 6: Caring for the Bedsore on My Butt

Part 7: Where the Fuck Was God?

Part 8: What I’ve Lost

Part 9: Hope Is a Woman

Part 10: My Golden Ticket

You can find some of the writing Dave did in his three years as a reporter and feature writer for Pitchfork here or here.