Dave Maher Coma Show

Photo: Adam Shalzi

Photo: Adam Shalzi

Chicago standup comedian Dave Maher was almost unplugged from life support during a monthlong diabetic coma. He was eulogized on Facebook. Then he woke up. Maher told this story on “This American Life”, and he has brought his narrative stand-up show about the experience, Dave Maher Coma Show, to venues across the U.S. and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Dave Maher Coma Show explores the physical and existential discomfort of waking up in a new body with a second chance at life. With his trademark combination of mischief and sincerity, Dave asks questions about life, online death, and the cost of change. He provides no easy answers but plenty of hard laughs.

This critically acclaimed one-man show sold out its initial run in Chicago, and the Kickstarter campaign to fund its Edinburgh Fringe run reached its goal in a week. 

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“Maher is that rare monologist who combines a sharp eye for the microdetail…with a keen understanding of macrostructure, making for a performance both disarmingly personal and carefully controlled… I’d watch Maher do just about anything.” –Chicago Reader

“It’s a carefully observed, discomfitingly intimate, disarmingly funny monologue. But for all his candor, Maher finds time to let his inner imp out…” –Chicago Reader

“…this hard-working improviser-turned-stand-up used the experience—both the dark and light sides of it—as inspiration for a one-man show that…sold so well that it was extended several times…” –Newcity

A “smartly unhinged, wildly funny comedian with a big heart and warm smile…” –Gapers Block

Other reviews of Dave Maher Coma Show:

Chicago Tribune: “…the show’s free-form sensibility is smart and hooks you in.” “A loose and relaxed performer, Maher might as well be sitting next to you at the bar, recounting the strangest event of his life so far.”

Gapers Block: “Maher mines his coma experience for candid comic moments that are deftly interleaved between those of genuine emotion… The entire show…harkens back to the long-form works of Spalding Gray as interpreted through the crooked lens of Maher’s stand-up sensibilities… It should also be noted that the show contains one of the most surgically hilarious uses of a light cue in recent memory.”

Poster: Chris Santiago

Poster: Chris Santiago

Thank you to all of the Kickstarter backers who made the Edinburgh Fringe run of Dave Maher Coma Show a reality:

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